Self-Leadership: lead yourself to lead others

Self-leadership is the goal for those who wish to maximize the expression of their potential – improving performance, satisfaction and personal well-being – and have a positive impact on their environment.

There are two approaches to the development of self-leadership: cognitive-behavioral and transformative.

  • The cognitive-behavioral approach explores alternative mindsets or the use of new skills, such as setting goals, challenging the status quo, being proactive, and evaluating the appropriate leadership style based on situations. While it may be a first step, it does not produce the necessary change to impact ingrained habits, autopilot reactions and limiting behaviors.
  • The transformative approach operates at a deeper level, where the Coach assists the Client in developing a higher level of presence and flexibility in behaviors, allowing them to respond to situations rather than react and thus overcome unwanted automatic behaviors.

The Academy of Constellations provides – to those who already have basic coaching skills – knowledge, skills and tools to develop clients’ Self-Leadership with a transformative approach, in order to support them in overcoming unwanted automatic behaviors and becoming fully masters of their own life.

To achieve this, we have integrated two methodologies:

  • The model and transformation process of Internal Family Systems (IFS), created by Richard Schwartz in the 1980s.
  • Constellations, which are the “technology” we use to carry out the experiential exercises that lead to the desired results.

Why is Self-leadership important?

We are experiencing an increasing level of uncertainty and complexity at work, in our personal lives and in society.

To address these challenges, individuals must learn to make the best possible choices, leveraging their resources and aligning with their authentic selves, without relying on external rules or guidelines. In essence, stronger and more authoritative personal leadership is needed.

The benefits of developing Self-leadership are both on individual and collective, because it positively influences the environment in which we operate and the organizational culture.

Self-Leadership helps us to live with greater awareness and harmony both in the internal system – every part of ourselves that makes us who we are – and in the external system – our relationships and our projects in the world.

In the dynamic and challenging context of our time, self-leadership becomes the foundation for excellence. The ability to lead oneself with emotional intelligence, awareness and adaptability is crucial to inspire and guide others in a constantly evolving business environment.

Self-leadership allows us to:

  • Have greater awareness of all parts of our inner world that define who we are.
  • Develop and integrate our resources to express our talents.
  • Transform internal conflicts, obstacles, and automatic behaviors that limit the expression of vital energy and prevent us from moving in the desired direction.
  • Bring harmony to our inner world so that all parts can work together for our good.
  • Guide our parts to be masters of our lives rather than being led by those parts, which often repeat old patterns that are no longer useful. Like a conductor leads the orchestra to play beautiful music, we can lead our inner parts to fully express ourselves in life.

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