Today we are experiencing an increasing level of uncertainty and instability at work, in our personal lives and in society.
To deal with these challenges, people need to learn how to make choices in tune with their authentic being, without relying on external rules or guidelines.
This is the reason why today – more than ever- it is important to develop Self-Leadership.

Our purpose is to provide the knowledge, the skills and the tools to foster Self-Leadership in our clients. This will enable you to support your clients in becoming the masters of their own lives and improve fulfilment, performance and well-being.

Self-Leadership enables us to:

  • Have greater awareness of all the parts of our inner world, which define who we are;
  • Develop and integrate our resources so that we can express our talents;
  • Transform inner conflicts, obstacles and automatic behaviours which limit the expression of our life energy;
  • Bring harmony to our inner world, so that all our parts can work together for our benefit;
  • Guide our parts so that we can master our lives rather than being driven by those parts that often repeat old patterns, which are no longer useful. As a music conductor guides the orchestra to play beautiful music, we can guide our inner parts to fully express ourselves in life.

Self-Leadership helps us to live with greater awareness and harmony both in the external system – our relationships and our projects in the world – and in the internal system – every part of ourselves that makes us who we are.

The practical result of developing Self-Leadership is a higher level of presence and flexibility in behaviour that allows you to respond to situations rather than react, thus overcoming undesirable, automatic behaviours.

Constellations are the methodology we use to develop self-leadership.

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