Level 2: Groups&Teams course

The purpose of the Groups&Teams course is to provide Coaches with the skills to use Constellations in learning groups, Group coaching and Team coaching, using people as elements of the representation.

You will learn to use Constellations with groups both in person and online.

The participation to the Foundation course is a prerequisite for attending the Groups&Teams course.

Course objectives

You will learn how to use Constellations in:

  • training workshops and learning groups, by using Constellation exercises which incorporate elements of Constellations in an easier and quicker way
  • group coaching, where each participant works on his/her own theme with the support of the group
  • team coaching, to support an intact team in becoming a high-performance team
  • open enrolment workshops, where a Coach can work with a group of private clients who bring their own theme

Content overview

  • Review of Constellation foundations
  • Using Constellations with groups
  • Overview of team and group coaching
  • Constellation Exercises with groups
  • Using people as representatives
  • Constellations in Team Coaching
  • Constellations in Group Coaching
  • Practice of Constellations in group setting
  • Coaching presence
  • On-line Constellation with groups


The course consists of three modules: 2 x online webinars (3h each) and 1 x workshop in person (4 days).

ICF approved course

The course follows the ICF guidelines for continuing education and provides you with 34 ICF CCEUs (Continuing Coach Education Units), of which 27 are Core Competencies and 7 are Resource Development.


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