360° Partnership

We propose to our client companies a real 360° partnership to maximize the value generated by the coaching activities and meet the interests of all the parties involved.

A Coaching programme always involves three actors: Coach, Coachee and Organization.

Therefore, we believe that it’s essential that the needs and interests of each party are respected and that the interactions between all parties are properly managed. For example, in one-on-one Coaching, the effectiveness of the Coaching session for the company sponsoring the programme is just as important as the Coachee’s satisfaction.

Some examples.

Coach-Coachee Relationship

  • Alliance, confidentiality and commitment on both sides are the prerequisite for Coaching.
  • The Coachee must be able to choose a coach from among two or three candidates to support the principle of responsibility and empowerment.
  • The first step of the programme should include the motivation to change.

Coachee-Organization Relationship

  • The Coachee shares the programme goals with their direct manager in order to strengthen the manager-employee relationship.
  • The more the Coaching is integrated into the company development process, the easier it is to keep track of the impact.
  • It’s important to incorporate the perspectives of both the Coachee and the Company when defining the programme objectives.

Coach-Organization Relationship

  • The company must be transparent with the Coach and Coachee about the aims of the programme and the initial briefing.
  • The performance of the tasks must be tracked for administrative purposes.
  • It’s important that the impact of the Coaching is tracked in at least a qualitative way.
  • If there is more than one coach active in a company, it’s essential that they work according to the same criteria, quality principles and procedures in order to enable the company to manage the process.

When working with teams and groups it’s also important to promote peer support in order to overcome the classic hierarchical approach and create a culture and common practice of Coaching in the company. This promotes and develops agency and cooperation at all levels.