The Learning Path

The learning path offered by the Systemic Constellations Academy includes an introductory workshop to learn how Constellations can be used in Coaching and two courses: the Discovery Training – which provides the foundation of Systemic Constellations for Coaches – and the Advanced Training, to gain a higher level of mastery in using Constellations in Coaching.

How is this training different?

This is the first training on Constellations offered on the international level specifically designed for coaches. In this training we make a clear distinction between Family Constellations and Constellations in Coaching, we use a non-directive coaching method as expected in the coaching contract and we apply Constellations across a broad variety of topics, including organizations, teams, and personal development.

We’ve also developed a new, structured teaching approach, which makes learning this method much easier and faster than the traditional way of teaching Constellations.
You’ll also see how Constellations can be used in coaching with a pragmatic approach – no theoretical or esoteric “trips” – while still being able to “enjoy the magic”.

Click here for the schedule of the upcoming Systemic Constellations trainings and workshops.