The Learning Path

The purpose of this training is to provide you with the skills to use Constellations in your coaching practice.

The courses are open to Coaches and other professionals who have already acquired the basic skills needed to work with people.

It will be an important and exciting step in both your personal and professional development.

The content of the training is fully compliant with the ICF competency model.

The training is comprised of three courses: Foundation, Transformation, Groups&Teams.

Each course is a blended process to ensure learning effectiveness. Theory and supervision are managed mostly on-line, while in-person workshops are mostly dedicated to practice.

For the details of each course please see the following sections.

Each course in the training mainly focuses on experiential learning. The activities include:

  • Preparatory work for each module
  • Presentation of key theoretical aspects
  • Demonstration of cases performed by the trainer
  • Group exercises
  • Practice in pairs
  • Fishbowl practice (one participant leads a session and receives feedback from the group and the trainer)
  • Peer support between modules
  • Practice between modules
  • Supervision

Click here to download the training brochure, where you will find all the details of the program.