Leadership Programmes

Our Leadership Development programmes allow you to acquire new skills and change your mindset in a way that has a tangible impact on everyday life.

We use different methodologies including diagnostic tools, Systemic Coaching, and group learning that is highly interactive, experiential and engaging. The impact is twofold: to create a common managerial language and culture, and to help each participant to identify and accomplish the goals that are essential for improving their performance. In addition, we ensure that people recognize their own talents and resources in order to develop and express their full potential, overcoming limiting attitudes, increasing behavioural flexibility and achieving lasting change.

Our programmes generally include both individual and group work, structured in different phases over a given period of time in order to maximize productivity, learning effectiveness and business impact.

  • CoachingAlive

    Enables leaders to become Coaches who can then motivate and develop the talents and the performance of their reports, become better team players, and constructively contribute beyond their area of responsibility. This programme also emphasizes the use of Peer Coaching to stimulate the creation of a widespread coaching culture within the company.

  • LeadershipAlive

    Enables you to become a more effective and authoritative leader by developing a broader set of situational leadership styles. It touches on all dimensions of leadership – personal, team, strategic, operational and people – to improve your ability to successfully guide change and achieve better business results.

  • TeamAlive

    Supports teams in effective teamwork in order to reach excellent performance levels and to guide their organization through the cultural and organizational changes necessary to implement the business strategy.

  • CultureAlive

    Teaches the value of diversity and the practice of inclusion to build constructive relationships with other cultures in order to be successful in the global economy.

  • WorkingAlive

    Aims at developing personal leadership to work in a more efficient, productive, collaborative and satisfactory way. The key themes are Emotional Intelligence to create a higher awareness and improve social skills, Resilience to better manage everyday pressure and stress, personal Productivity to improve your management of time, personal energy, and motivation.

We generally customize all the above programmes to meet our client’s specific needs.