Read the comments made by delegates who participated in previous editions of the Academy of Constellations.

"Francesco has built a program with a very good rhythm of input, experiential elements, group work and reflection. This makes it very easy to understand and apply the material right after the modules. He has found a very nice way of making us participate in his rich experience of constellation work with an ever-present, pragmatic focus.

Rolf Pfeiffer, Germany

"In the increasingly complex and interconnected world we live in, this training helped me gain the understanding and competence – both personal and professional – that I find essential to high-level coaching."

Daniele Bevilacqua, Italy

"This training changed my whole perspective as a coach and I feel I have a new and exciting toolbox that I can offer my clients."

Patrick Stichelmans, Belgium

"The uniqueness of this program is the excitement of discovery, practice of skills, and attainment of enlightenment about oneself and others. A challenging and supportive space managed with great expertise."

Angela Stafford, United Kingdom

"Working with Systemic Constellations helps me in guiding my clients to realize transformational change for themselves, their team or their organization. The approach developed by Francesco and the way he trains gives you confidence in using this systemic and holistic approach."

Nelke Galema, Holland

"Using Systemic Constellations has created a breakthrough in my practice as a Coach both with individuals and teams."

Helene Blot, France

"As a manager, Constellations have provided me with a practical tool that helps me offer better support and guidance to my staff, giving them the chance to work on the goals we thought were the most challenging. This has allowed them to have more clarity about the situation and to rationally and effectively confront those challenges."

Pierangela Greco, Switzerland

"This training has added an exceptional tool to my Coaching toolbox. The knowledge around Systemic Constellations and its practical value that I have started applying in my Coaching practice is invaluable, my clients are shifting in a quicker, new way."

Joanna Bown, United Kingdom

"As a Coach, Systemic Constellations enable me to show clients the essence of the issues they face, and to work from that essence towards a practical, sustainable solution."

Pat Roberts, South Africa

"Very enjoyable and thought-provoking training."

Anne Maree Wallace, United Kingdom

"I found Constellations a surprisingly effective way to unveil the hidden dynamics in systems we live in. As if there were a space of ‘knowledge’ that knows a lot about our lives, from a part of the mind that we typically don’t access. As one of my clients said when I did a constellation using Kleenex tissues on the floor as signposts: ‘I’m puzzled, but happily so. How can a bunch of Kleenex know things that my mind doesn’t?"

Serenella Sala, Italy

"Francesco is a masterful facilitator who very skilfully facilitates complexity in systems. An extremely useful methodology for any practitioner in Coaching, OD, or systems phycology. Thank you."

Diann le Roux, South Africa

"Francesco is a great guide on the journey into Systemic Constellations!"

Mik van den Noort, Holland

"Francesco shows how to use Systemic Constellations elements responsibly in the business context. He uses a structured and results-focused approach. The delivery is disciplined and sensitive. An excellent use of time investment."

Manfred Barth, Germany

"As an executive Coach working with individuals and teams, this program opened my eyes and my heart to the tools and approach required to recognize and work with the invisible dynamics playing out with my clients and their organizational and relationship systems."

Julia Kerr, South Africa

"The approach is extremely practical, experiential, and uses a wealth of cases and situations drawn from real life: it immediately puts you in a position where you can use Constellations professionally."

Andrea Baldo, Italy

"A powerful process to enhance self-awareness and inner alignment."

Veronica King, South Africa

"Systemic Constellations are very effective in both individual and team Coaching. This training really helped me in understanding and using the method in my coaching practice."

Claudia Salowski, Germany

"Francesco masterfully teaches a methodology which is both beautifully simple and profoundly effective. It is based on a deep body of knowledge from multiple traditions and provides teachings which are useful in a wide range of personal, team and organizational contexts."

Anton Richman, South Africa

"Systemic Constellations add versatility and robustness to Coach individuals and teams. They help bring the dynamics of systems and relationships into sharper perspective more effectively."

Emma Pearson, Switzerland

"Systemic Constellations have been a powerful support both for my personal growth and my Coaching practice. I use them every time I feel a Client can benefit from moving beyond the cognitive level and tapping into the richness of physical sensations and emotions, to develop more clarity about the situation and find breakthrough solutions."

Giulia Sirtori, Italy

"Systemic Constellations provide a process to apply UBUNTU principles in coaching, to unlock the innate brilliance individuals have."

Kabelo Gude, South Africa

"A unique experience that will challenge and expand your personal and professional boundaries."

Cate Valentine, Belgium

"Life is better through Systemic Constellations: immense possibilities are always within us when we open ourselves up."

Eric Kumkani, South Africa

"I learned to recognize the fine line between helping someone and serving someone and how you can do this in a respectful manner. I learned baby steps … one step at a time. The course has been about life itself, discovering the many positions you can have in a group, a team or an organization. It made my life richer: an experience I would recommend."

Ben Verberck, Belgium

"A valuable learning experience which offered many tools that can be used in a variety of Coaching situations."

Chantal Dawtrey, South Africa

"A powerful methodology to build self-awareness and shift behaviours."

Bronwyn Allan, South Africa

"Excellent and well worth the investment in every way!"

Elmarie Vuren, South Africa

"Systemic Constellations opened up a deeper opportunity to explore emotions, feelings and somatic intelligence. This enables future thinking, bright insights, self-awareness and clarity in making important decisions."

Jean Rodriques, South Africa

"Constellations are a reality check, it deals with what’s there: we don’t choose the field, but how we take action in it depends on us."

Luciana Del Giudice, Italy

"This training has been transformational for me personally and professionally. It has increased the efficacy and the accuracy of my work on every level."

Juliette Jenner, South Africa

"It’s a journey in which you have permission to experiment and discover."

Silvia Valaguzza, Italy

"I have grown my understanding and fed my soul. Now I am going out to share."

Jessica Wrigley, South Africa

"The key to simplify complexity!"

Wendy Nagel, South Africa

"An awesome process and well taught!"

Sue Fuller-Good, South Africa

"I felt the immense impact of becoming aware of the elements of a system and the profound insight this generates when one invites such an exploration. I learned by trusting myself and the process, understanding systemic principles and becoming finely attuned to my body as a source of information and learning."

Stephanie Martinis, South Africa

"An extraordinary training, decidedly clear and effective. It’s an intriguing methodology."

Massimo Campioli, Italy

"Systemic Constellations unlock possibilities in a manner that is rooted in the body. This allows for rich learning to emerge with every constellation. I feel that it is one of the most useful programmes that I have ever attended and I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in applied systems thinking."

Neville Kain, South Africa

"Systemic Constellations are a marvellous tool and I understood that the first time I observed Francesco in action. I liked the proportion of practice and theory. I loved the fishbowls where we had the chance to practice, receive feedback and learn from others. I liked Francesco’s generosity and was impressed by his benevolent presence."

Michael Adragna, Belgium

"Deeply appreciative for a very practical application to provide deep shifts in people, presented in a masterful way."

Zeldi Hall, South Africa

"It was a profound learning experience for me and changed the way I view Coaching individuals, working with teams, and supporting leaders. The approach gives a more integrated view of the whole system and often provides the “missing piece” and opens up new possibilities for my clients. The training itself was excellent and the methodology enabled me to integrate immediately what I learnt into my Coaching practise. I was also able to work through some of my own personal challenges and discover new ways of moving forward personally and professionally."

Liz Witherspoon, South Africa