Coaching services

We provide coaching services in support of cultural and behavioural change in key positions in companies. In this way the organisation and the people who are part of it can easily express their full potential and be effective in reaching their business goals.

We can provide you with a variety of face-to-face, online or hybrid coaching services.

We specialise in facilitating change for individuals, teams and organisations through Coaching, both with individuals and teams. Our aim is to help companies move from good performance to great performance and to better manage the challenges of change.

With our systemic approach, it’s truly important to us that our intervention has the best possible impact on the company. This is why we’re very careful in the preliminary steps of every programme, because with a good initial snapshot, it’s possible to define relevant objectives and to create the motivation to change.

In the activities mentioned above, we take advantage of different diagnostic tools including: Feedback 360, Cultural Orientation Indicator, DISC, Firo-B, Hogan, Insights Discovery, MBTI, Prophet and WorkPlace Big Five.

With these assessment tools it’s possible to bring out people’s strengths and identify areas that need improvement, in order to develop their self-awareness in relation to leadership style, attitudes related to communication, emotional intelligence and resilience. This is how we create the motivation to implement the changes necessary to achieve their own goals.