Executive Coaching

Our work is primarily aimed at Coaching Leaders who are managing organizations of different sizes, working in matrix structures, working in international environments, dealing with intercultural dynamics and that have multi-faceted and complex relationships with various stakeholders, both inside and outside of the company.

Executive Coaching provides leaders with personalised support, which enables them to give the best of themselves in order to realise their goals and contribute to developing the business system. Just like it’s difficult to imagine a great athlete without a great Coach, we know from our own experience that every leader benefits greatly from the opportunity to use an open and safe space for conversation, learn constantly and improve the way in which they manage themselves, their team, and the company – together with their partners, shareholders, and clients.

A leader has a big impact on the system within which he or she leads. When leaders have the opportunity to get Executive Coaching support, it benefits everyone in the organization.

Executive Coaching

Coaching is a personal development process to improve performance through changes in the behaviours which enable you to achieve professional goals that have an impact on your business.

It’s a personal development process that makes a leader – through a series of individual sessions with his/her Coach – able to achieve the results he/she wants with greater effectiveness, ease and personal balance. Through this completely personalised path, it’s possible to explore and develop those personal resources that allow a leader to increase the level of flexibility of the behaviours that are useful for meeting the professional challenges he or she faces.

Coaching supports leaders in improving their performance and helping them become more authoritative leaders. It can also help them manage direct reports more efficiently, improve relationship management skills, use more strategic thinking, expand cross-cultural competences, improve time management and stress management skills, or integrate personal life with work in a positive way.

How the intervention is structured

Our programme starts with a phase in which to create greater self-awareness and motivation to change through the use of diagnostic questionnaires and specific interviews of key stakeholders.
This is followed by the definition of the development goals, which are then shared with the line manager who can offer feedback and support during the programme.

Later in the programme, the leader will have two reviews with his or her manager: halfway through, to share the achievements and to confirm or reframe the focus of the next stage of the work; and, at the end, to evaluate the results achieved. This facilitates the strengthening of the alliance between manager and direct report.

An individual Coaching intervention lasts from 6 to 8 months, with monthly sessions of 2 to 3 hours each.