ICF approved training

The training offered by The Academy of Constellations is approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

We believe that you, as a professional Coach, has many advantages by being accredited to a professional organization. The most important one is that you can show clients to have the “driving license” to work as a Coach, as you respect a code of ethics, you have acquired the basic skills and you have a certain level of experience.

There are regulatory bodies for accredited Coaches. Some of them are specific to a country and others are international organizations such as the International Coach Federation (ICF), the Association of Coaching or the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

All associations contribute positively to the development of the coaching profession. We chose ICF because it is the one with the largest global presence.

Advantages of ICF approved Coach Training

  • Improve your skills. You will receive CCEUs (Continuing Coach Education Units) to renew or upgrade your credentials. You will move to a higher level of coach mastery in the framework of the ICF Competency Model.
  • Quality. Any coach training that is ICF-approved has undergone a rigorous review process that ensures its curriculum meets the standards of coaching established by ICF.
  • Build confidence and impact. Learning new skills and approaches will improve your effectiveness in coaching, your ability to interact with clients, your attitude towards building and maintaining trustful relationships. All this will help you to attract new opportunities and foster your professional success.
  • Expand your network. You will be able to meet other colleagues with whom to exchange knowledge, share experiences and build professional relationships.

Finally, ICF approved training will expand your understanding and ability to live the ICF core values:

  • Professionalism: the commitment to a coaching mindset and professional quality that encompasses responsibility, respect, integrity, competence and excellence.
  • Collaboration: the commitment to develop social connection and community building.
  • Humanity: “the commitment to being humane, kind, compassionate and respectful towards others.”
  • Equity: “the commitment to use a coaching mindset to explore and understand the needs of others so we can practise equitable processes at all times that create equality for all.”