Human Resources Consulting

Today, Human Resources work in very close partnership with business functions. This has many implications and new challenges. In terms of Learning & Development, Human Resources have to be proactive in providing the most effective development solutions. They are the ‘experts’ who design and manage global interventions and, at the same time, these interventions are measured with increasingly stringent criteria.

In some cases, the first task is still to establish Coaching as the most effective tool for developing leadership in the company’s key roles. In other cases it is to design and manage global leadership development activities using one-to-one and team Coaching in a structured and affordable way.
The challenge is about managing Coaching effectively and efficiently at both the local and the global level, to achieve tangible results that can show a return on investment.

SystemAlive can help you to build the most suitable programme for your context through the following services:

  • Design global leadership development interventions based on Coaching and support in managing
  • Identify potential talents to involve in the Leadership Development Programme.
  • Assemble an international pool of Coaches according to clear quality and competence-based criteria.
  • Help integrate Coaching into business processes already in place.
  • Use an IT platform for the planning, management and reporting of activities.
  • Evaluate the results of Coaching programmes in the company.
  • Help build or update the company’s leadership model.

You can tap into our extensive international and intercultural experience in development projects with global companies.