Level 1: Foundation course

The purpose of the Foundation course is to provide Coaches with the skills to use Constellations in one-on-one coaching in different situations: in person – with signposts on the floor or figures on tabletops – and on-line.

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The Foundation course is the first step in your learning path with Constellations. For many participants it has been an important and exciting step in both their personal and professional development.

Course objectives

The main learning goal is how to use Constellations in one-on-one Coaching, to support Clients in recognizing and developing their personal resources and using them to support the realization of their purpose and goals. You will learn a broad variety of applications which include:

  • Personal and professional development: decision making, achieve a goal, career planning, increase personal impact, develop personal leadership
  • Relationships: improve communications, understanding and collaboration, get better at stakeholder or client management
  • Teamwork: improve group dynamics, create a high performance team, value diversity and practice inclusion
  • Business: assess strategy or projects, organizational effectiveness, change management

Content overview

  • The systemic approach and the implications in coaching.
  • Constellations methodology, systemic principles and session protocol.
  • Constellations in one-on-one sessions with signposts on the floor, figures on tabletops and on-line.
  • Structures to work with different coaching topics: leverage resources to achieve a goal, relationships management, enhance and balance individual attitudes, decision making, assess career/project/strategy, client/stakeholder management, supervision, organizational effectiveness, collaboration and teamwork.
  • Develop and integrate personal resources.
  • Coaching presence experiences: emotional and body awareness – being in the now – living with self-leadership.
  • How Constellations support the development of coaching competencies.
  • Practice and supervision.


The course consists of five modules: 4 x online webinars (3h each) and 1 x workshop in presence (4 days).

ICF approved course

The course follows the ICF guidelines for continuing education and provides you with 40 CCEUs (Continuing Coach Education Units), of which 30 are Core Competencies and 10 are Resource Development.


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