Why choose this training

I give for granted that you already got the basic skills and tools you need to work as a professional coach. And I’m sure that you agree with me that nowadays the coaching market is increasingly competitive.
What can you do as a Coach today for your professional growth and success?
As many other coaches in the world, you may have four priorities.
The first one is to stand out in a crowded market by offering something special and unique. The second one is to develop your coaching toolkit to have more impact in your work. The third one is to continue your education in order to maintain and upgrade your accreditation. The fourth is to carry on your development journey to add depth to your coaching.
If at least a few of these aspects are relevant to you, then the training offered by the Academy of Constellations is exactly what you need to move your coaching to the next level.
When we use Constellations, we work on a spatial representation of the topic proposed by the client. That’s the reason why, sometimes, we talk about 3D coaching, where 3D stands for three dimensional.
Then what are the benefits of using Constellations in coaching?
The first one is that it’s one step beyond. It’s definitely a new methodology if compared to conventional conversational approaches.
The second one is that Constellations provide practical tools that you can use in your coaching sessions. It’s not only a theoretical framework.
Third, when working with Constellation, your client can access to all the senses. So that we will use the visual, the auditory and the kinaesthetic sensations to create an impactful and vivid experience in the moment.
Fourth, they are a truly holistic approach as they work simultaneously on the mental, emotional and physical plane to foster inner alignment and create clarity.
Fifth, they can be integrated seamlessly with other existing coaching approaches.
Sixth, they provide very impactful and lasting results more easily and more quickly than traditional conversational approaches.
What are the benefits of participating to this training?
First of all, you will learn Constellations, which are a breakthrough in coaching.
Second, Constellations are the best technology for developing Self-leadership.
Third, you will be part of an international learning community. So that you will be able to learn from each other and support each other for your future success.

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