What are Constellations

Constellation is a technical term used in the human sciences to identify a system as a set of elements in relationship to one another.

So, we can use the word Constellation to refer to: a working team, a relationship, an organization, the key elements of a project, to the choices available for a decision, or to the parts of our inner world.

Constellations are a methodology for guiding clients – in individual, team, and group coaching – through experiential exercises to quickly increase the level of awareness of the current situation, foster inner alignment and open up the way to change.

When using Constellations in a coaching session, we create a spatial representation of the key elements of a topic presented by the client. Then the Client can embody and explore each element, by tapping not only into cognitive reflections but also into feelings and physical sensations.

Whatever the topic presented by the Client, Constellations are highly effective for developing Self-Leadership by increasing self-awareness and promoting a better inner and outer harmony.

In one-on-one coaching, we create this representation using objects on a table or placeholders on the floor, while in team or group coaching it’s possible to use people who are physically present.

In a nutshell, the Constellations process in a 1:1 coaching session can be split into four main steps:

Step 1. A conversation between the Coach and the Client that aims to identify the key elements of the situation presented by the Client.

Step 2. The Client maps the current situation by creating a spatial representation of those elements. The Coach then guides the client to explore each element to enhance the Client’s awareness of the situation.

Step 3. The Client and the Coach can work together to modify the system and move it into an improved state by increasing the harmony among the elements, so that the system works better.

Step 4. The Coach supports the Client in integrating the learning and identifying the next steps.

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