Training overview

What is the purpose of this training?
The purpose of the training is to teach you how to use Constellations in your coaching practice. The training is comprised of three courses: Foundation, Groups&Teams and Transformation.
This training is a blended process to ensure learning effectiveness So that theory and supervision are mostly managed online, while in-person workshops are dedicated to practice.
The content of the training is fully compliant with the ICF Competency Model.
The training is open to all professionals who have gained the basic skills to work with people. I will give you now a short overview of the three courses.
The Foundation course is about supporting your client in developing their resources to achieve the goals which are important to them. You will learn a variety of applications which include personal and professional development, relationship management, teamwork, decision making and business management.
The Groups&Teams course is focused on the use of Constellations in Group and Team coaching, where we use people as representatives of the elements of the Constellation.
The Transformation course is focused on how to use Constellations in supporting your clients in overcoming limiting behaviours which prevents them to achieve the level of well-being, fulfilment and performance that they aim at.
According to former participants, this training is really a special opportunity for both your personal and professional development. And I really hope to meet you at the training to learn and have fun together.

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