Our purpose is to promote self-leadership

Why the development of Self-leadership is so important today?
We live in a time of uncertainty and instability which is affecting our life and our society. So it is more and more important to find that space of truth and authenticity which enables us to make the best possible choices, without relying on external guidelines and criteria.
So what is the purpose of the Academy of Constellations?
Our purpose is really to provide you with the knowledge, the skills and the tools to support your clients in developing their Self-leadership and being able to live in the best possible way. And Constellations are the methodology (or the technology) that we can use to develop Self-leadership in a very powerful way.
What is Self-leadership?
Self-leadership strengthen harmony inside of us and in the relationships around us. Self-leadership enable us to be more aware of what is going on inside and outside of us. It enables us to manifest and express our resources, talents and skills. It also enables us to overcome limiting behaviours that prevent us from doing what we want or being who we want to be. We normally experience these limiting behaviours as inner conflicts or automatic reactions.
Last but not least, by developing Self-leadership, we are more and more capable to be the master of our inner parts, to really lead our life in a conscious way. It’s a little bit like being the conductor of our orchestra: we want to play the music we like, we want to play the score we enjoy most. By developing Self-leadership, we are able to direct all our inner parts in order to make beautiful music!
What are the benefits of Self-leadership in our life?
Basically, by increasing Self-leadership, we get higher level of awareness and harmony both inside and outside of us. Inside of us, among our inner parts, the parts which define who we are. On the outside, in our relationships or in the projects in the world. The practical outcome of Self-leadership is that we increase our presence and we increase our flexibility of behaviour so that we can respond to situations instead of reacting, thus overcoming limiting behaviours, such as the automatic pilot.

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