Systemic Constellations

Constellation is a technical term used in the human sciences to identify a system as a set of elements in relationship to one another.

So, we can use the word Constellation to refer to a working team, a relationship, an organization, the key elements of a project, to the choices available for a decision, or to the parts of our inner world.

Systemic Constellations in a nutshell

In short, Systemic Constellations are a powerful method for guiding clients – in individual, team, and group Coaching – through experiential exercises that increase their level of awareness of the current situation, their flexibility in terms of behaviour, and their ability to make better decisions.

The Systemic Constellations methodology uses spatial representation of the key elements of a client’s proposed topic for a given coaching session. Working with this representation increases awareness around the topic, provides a new range of choices and creates inner alignment, so that the client gains clarity about how to achieve his/her goals.

In order to create these representations you can use, in one-on-one Coaching, post-it notes on a table or paper placeholders on the floor, while for team or group coaching it’s possible to use people who are physically present.

In addition, when working with groups, you can use simpler experiential exercises, which we call Constellation Exercises or Informal Constellations, based on some of the principles of Constellations. These activities are highly effective for developing self-awareness or for stimulating out-of-the-box thinking.

Benefits of Systemic Constellations in Coaching

With Systemic Constellations you can:

  • Create more flexibility in individual behaviours to quickly implement lasting change.
  • Transform the challenges in a relationship or in a team’s dynamic
  • Clarify the best choice when making an important decision.
  • Evaluate the effects a major decision, a new strategy, or an innovative project will have on business to reduce the risks and maximize the benefits.

After many years of experience, SystemAlive has integrated a new version of this method specifically for Coaching and for its applications in the business world.

We also train professional Coaches around the world through the Systemic Constellations Academy.