Discovery Training / Meina , Italy / Apr Jun 2020

The purpose of this masterclass training is to provide you with the skills to use Systemic Constellations in your Coaching practice.

The Discovery Training is the first step in your journey working with Systemic Constellations for Coaches. It is an important and exciting step in both your personal and professional development.

The main learning areas cover:

  • How to use Systemic Constellations within the context of coaching and corporate learning & development.
  • How to use Systemic Constellations in one-on-one coaching
  • How to use selected Constellations Exercises in team coaching and group coaching.

The workshop follows the ICF guidelines for continuing education and provides you with 43 ICF approved CCEUs (Continuing Coach Education Units), of which 33 are Core Competencies and 10 Resource Development.

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How is this training different from traditional Constellations trainings?

It’s based on a new learning methodology that speeds up your ability to use Systemic Constellations in your work. It’s just easier, more practical and more effective.

  • Specifically designed for Coaches

    • Co-creative approach, non directive
    • Clear boundaries from Family Constellations, no therapy
    • Focus on the present, rather than the past
    • Foster wholeness by working on both the outer and the inner world
  • Easier learning methodology

    • Learn how to use Constellations in 1:1 sessions in only 6 days
    • Based on an original structured step-by step protocol
    • Scalable approach: initially focused on one-on-one coaching (Discovery Training) and then – by increasing complexity – it moves to team and group coaching using people as representatives (Advanced Training).
  • Benefits for you as a Coach

    • Learning is based on a protocol rather than just modelling the facilitator
    • Build your skills on simple, specific applications in baby steps
    • No confusion with therapy
    • Pragmatic approach, no theoretical or esoteric “trips”
    • Integrate Constellations seamlessly alongside coaching conversational approaches
    • Enables you to work on a broad variety of topics: organization, team, relationships, projects and personal development
    • You quickly grow your confidence in using Constellations in your coaching practice
    • It will make your coaching more powerful