Discovery Training

The purpose of the Discovery training is to provide Coaches with the skills to use Systemic Constellations in their Coaching practice.

What are the features that make this training unique?

It offers an easier and more effective learning approach than traditional Constellations teaching methods.
It’s based on a learning methodology that makes it easier for you to use Systemic Constellations in your work.

  • It’s based on an original structured step-by step process, making the learning process easier while still being able to “enjoy the magic”.
  • It’s specifically for coaches, uses a non-directive approach and a clear distinction is made between Constellations in Coaching and Family Constellations.
  • It focuses on one-on-one Coaching, the most common context for professional Coaches.
  • It provides a learning imprint that’s useful for Coaches, from the simplest applications in one-on-one Coaching, moving towards higher complexity with teams and groups, so that you can quickly grow your confidence in using what you learn.
  • Learn how to use Constellations for a variety of topics related to different facets of organizations, teamwork, relationships and personal development.

Training goals

Discovery Training is the first step in your learning path with Systemic Constellations. For many participants it was an important and exciting step in both their personal and professional development.

The main learning areas cover the following:

  • How to use Systemic Constellations in the Coaching context.
  • How to use Systemic Constellations in one-on-one Coaching sessions.
  • How to use selected Constellations Exercises in Team Coaching and Group Coaching.


The program consists of two three-day modules, which take place two months apart, for a total of six days of training.

ICF approved course

The training follows the ICF guidelines for continuing education and provides you with 43 ICF CCEUs – (Continuing Coach Education Units), of which 33 are Core Competencies and 10 are Resource Development.


You can find below the upcoming editions of the Discovery Training.
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