Discovery Training - Lago Maggiore, Italy – Sep/Nov 2017 (in English)

The purpose of this masterclass training is to provide Coaches with the skills to use Systemic Constellations in their coaching practice.

Systemic Constellations allow for quicker and deeper shifts, in your Client’s perspective, making your coaching more effective with a strong transformational impact.

The Discovery Training is the first step in your journey working with Systemic Constellations. It is an important and exciting step in both your personal and professional development.

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The main learning areas cover:

  • How to use Systemic Constellations within the context of coaching.
  • How to use Systemic Constellations in one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • How to use selected Systemic Constellations structures in team coaching and group coaching sessions.
  • Experiential practice to enable you to integrate the learning into your daily work.

The training provides 43 ICF CCEU’s - ICF approved “Continuous Coach Education Units” 33 Core Competencies and 10 Resource Development

Click here to read more about Systemic Constellations and their application in Coaching.

Schedule and Venue

The schedule for the two three-days modules is:

  • Module 1: 14-15-16 September 2017
  • Module 2: 2-3-4 November 2017

Workshop time: Thu–Fri 9:00/18:00, Sat 8:30/16:30

Early bird registration is until March 31 2017: 10% discount

The working language is English

The training venue is Hotel Villa Carlotta, Via Mazzini 121/125, 28832 Belgirate (VB), Italy – web:

Program content, approach and pricing

, where you will find all the details of the program and the pricing.

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For enquiries, please call us on +39 0236550163 or email to

Take the opportunity to expand your coaching toolkit with a fantastic and unique new approach.
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Discovery Training Presentation

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