The trainings offered by the Academy of Systemic Constellations for Coaches

We provide four training options to learn Constellations.

We offer a one-day Introductory Workshop on Constellations for Coaches, then we have the Discovery Training which focuses on the learning on how to use Constellation in a one-on-one setting and then we have the Advanced Training and then we have the one-day Practitioner workshop follow-up for refining the skills, peer learning and supervision.

The one-day Constellation Workshop is an introductory workshop where you can experience the full range of applications of Constellations in coaching. You will have an overview of what are Constellations and how they can be used in coaching. You will have the chance of volunteering as a client for a one-on-one coaching session using Constellations or you can volunteer as a client or as a participant to a Constellations that will utilise the people were present in the workshop. We generally finish the day with a Constellation Exercise where everybody is involved.

Then the Discovery Training is really the foundation of your learning process in using Constellations in coaching. By attending the Discovery Training you will learn how to use Constellations in one-on-one coaching and you will learn how to use Constellation Exercises – which are simplified version of Systemic Constellations – in team and group coaching. So that by the end of the six days training you will be totally comfortable in using Constellations in your coaching sessions with your clients.

The Advance Training is structured as the discovery training out of two three-days modules, so that it’s overall a six days program and it enables you to learn more in-depth personal development work based on Constellation, how to use Constellations on table tops using objects and how to use Constellations using people as representatives. And this is really very useful for group and team coaching. We will have a specific focus on how to apply Constellations in depth to team coaching. By the end of the Advance Training you’ll be able to apply Constellations to all kind of topics that you may find by working as a coach with your clients.

It is very important for you to know that all our trainings and workshops are approved by ICF – the International Coach Federation – so that by attending any of our program you will acquire CCEUs that you can use for your accreditations and your continuous learning as a coach.

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