It’s a mad mad world

It is before our eyes. From a European perspective, we are living a time of increasing change and instability.
There are several aspects which are visible.
The first one is that technology has changed forever the way we live and work.
The second one is the pandemic, which has affected our mindset and our values.
Then globalization, which has been the foundation of our economy for the last fifty years is in deep crisis, and we have no idea in which direction the world will evolve.
Climate change is confronting us with some very tough questions and very difficult decisions. Immigration is an unresolved challenge. Aging population is a phenomenon which is deeply affecting our social system.
Then we have a crisis of leadership, which is showing in the disillusion for the institutions and the increasing social divide. And finally, we realize that many things that we were giving for granted, such as peace, civil rights, justice, privacy, may have a price.
If you look at all this together, you can choose to be either pessimistic, if you really are worried about that, or optimistic, if you downplay it.
But the real solution is to go beyond this and take a different perspective. Ask yourself: what is the impact on people of all of this? What is the emerging need? The point is that we need more and more to make choices according to our own truth, without being able to rely any more on external guidelines and criteria and without being influenced by the chaos around us.
When I talk about this, I like to refer to the metaphor of the tropical storm. The tropical storm is a very violent event. But interestingly enough, at the very centre of the tropical storm, there is a space of stillness and silence.
In the same way, we need to find that place of silence and presence inside of us so that we are not so much affected by whatever happens around us. This is the reason why we need to develop Self-leadership, to find that space of presence and awareness, which enable us to make authentic choices and to be the masters of our own life.
As Coaches, how can we contribute to the wellbeing of people and organizations around us? The Academy of Constellations, we provide you the knowledge the skills and the tools to support your clients in developing their Self-leadership to become the masters of their own life, to find presence, authenticity, their power inside in order to live and thrive in the best possible way in this mad, mad world.

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