How our training differs from other kinds of Constellations training

How is this training different from other Constellations training?

This training is very different. I’ve integrated a new approach that I call “Systemic Constellations for Coaches” after learning Constellations from all the main developers of the method and after practicing and utilising Constellations in the business context and in coaching for the last 17 years.

There are four main differences between the training I propose and any other Constellations training that you find out there.

First of all, this is specifically designed for coaches so there is a very clear distinction between what we do and Family Constellations.

Second, it’s based on a non-directive approach which is what we want to do when we work as coaches to co-create the session with our client.

Third it’s a very pragmatic approach: it’s not wishy-washy, there are no esoteric or theoretical “trips”. In a very practical way, we want to support our clients in the best possible way by meeting them where they are.

Then, we use a step-by-step learning approach, that is much easier than the traditional modelling approach of classic Constellations training. This will enable you to learn how to do a Constellation in three days.

In this learning path, I start by teaching the use of Constellations in a one-on-one setting which is the most common setting for coaches.

In the first module of the Discovery Training you learn how to use a Constellation in a one-on-one session in three days. In the second module you learn how to apply Constellations to any kind of topic presented by the client. Then in Advanced Training we move to the applications in group and team coaching.

Learning first the one-on-one applications is much easier than using Constellations with groups. This helps in making the learning process easier.

So that you will be able to fully learn how to use Constellations in one-on-one coaching in six days and in twelve days you will become a master in using Constellations in coaching. I promise you.

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