Constellations Workshop

This one-day Constellations workshop is a unique opportunity to experience Constellations in a group setting and to understand how Systemic Constellations can be effectively used in One-on-One, Team and Group Coaching.

The workshop is open to Coaches, Counsellors, HR professionals and Managers who are responsible for improving the impact of people on businesses.

You will experience an approach to Constellations that is specific to Coaching, with clear boundaries to separate it from Family Constellations, a non-directive approach and applications to a broad variety of topics across different dimensions, including organizations, teams, relationships, decision making and personal development. You will also see how Constellations can be used in coaching with a pragmatic approach – no theoretical or esoteric “trips” – while still being able to “enjoy the magic”.

The workshop objectives

During the day you will:

  • Experience how Constellations can be applied to a broad variety of topics in one-on-one, team and group Coaching.
  • Volunteer to work with Constellations on a topic that interests you.
  • Gain personal insights by observing or participating in the work of others.
  • Participate in a group Constellation exercise to discover the next steps for your development.


One day.

ICF approved course

The training follows the ICF guidelines for continuing education and provides you with 6 ICF CCEUs – (Continuing Coach Education Units), of which 4.75 are Core Competencies and 1.25 is Resource Development.


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