Advanced Training

This Advanced Training allows you to gain a higher level of mastery in using Systemic Constellations in Coaching.

It builds on what you have learnt in the Discovery Training. You will further develop your skills to work more in depth on personal development topics, as well as broadening your ability to use constellations in a wider variety of applications and contexts.

While the Discovery Training focused primarily on external systems – like projects, relationships, teams, and organizations – the Advanced Training takes more time to focus on our own internal systems: managing emotions, resolving conflicts and harmonizing our internal selves in a way that allows us to be more present, balanced, and resilient. Becoming masters of ourselves and of our lives. You’ll be able to deepen the transformational aspects of Coaching through this training.

In the Advanced training you will learn how to use objects or post-it notes on a tabletop, to add another option for using Constellations in one-on-one coaching, either face-to-face or remotely.

Then you will learn how to benefit from the power of Constellations in Team or Group Coaching. You will discover how to use the people who are physically present as elements – or representatives – in the Constellation.

Many people who have participated in this course have called it life changing.

Training goals

The main learning areas cover the following:

  • Manage personal transformational change with Constellations, to create higher level of wholeness
  • Deal with emotions in the context of Systemic Constellations
  • Constellations using objects on tabletops
  • Constellations using people as representatives
  • How to use Constellations in Group and Team coaching


The program consists of two three-day modules, which take place two months apart, for a total of six days of training.

ICF approved course

The training follows the ICF guidelines for continuing education and provides you with 43 ICF CCEUs – (Continuing Coach Education Units), of which 33 are Core Competencies and 10 are Resource Development.


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