The value of Systemic Constellations in Coaching

Let’s start with a very important question: “How Systemic Constellations are relevant for coaching?”

Systemic Constellations are a breakthrough in coaching: it is a method that enables you to create a three-dimensional experience for your client so that, as a coach, you can move beyond the traditional conversational approach. You add a visual representation of the situation that you’re dealing with your client and enable your client to explore what does it mean, how does it feel, what does it look like to be a certain element in a specific situation.

You do this by guiding the client through an embodiment process. The combination of using all the senses it’s incredibly powerful and it enables you to make incredible changes and transformations in a very short time, in an easy way.

A practical example of the three-dimensional coaching approach is the following.

Imagine that you come into a session with a question related to a decision you need to make.

What happens normally is that you would have already considered all the pros and cons and you may have even discussed that with friends or other important people in your life. You would already have been through a mental process of evaluation of the options that are available to you. And you are doubtful or stuck.

What we do differently when we do a Constellation is that I actually guide you through the exploration of what you feel when you embody a certain option, what specific energy you feel in the body when you are associated with it.  So that by physically exploring the different options, you really get a very deep understanding of what is good for you.

The outcome of the Constellation is generally very powerful because you simply get out of the session knowing what to do. And this is what you’re looking for. Isn’t it?

It can make a big difference to you because of the deeper awareness in decision-making.

With Constellations you work on the different levels of your being, so that you have a clear feeling about what to do next. The emotional and the mental dimension are all aligned and, when there is alignment within, everything is clear.

In general, by using Constellations we can make better decisions as there is more wholeness. We can use the resources that are available to us in the best possible way to achieve the results that we are interested in.

Another interesting application of Constellations is relationships, also applying to work and businesses relationships.

With Constellations we can tremendously improve our relationships. Relationships nowadays are essential at work and collaboration is a must. Working with people from all over the world is a normal fact and we need to become better and better in interacting with anybody around: stakeholders, colleagues, boss and direct reports. When you work to improve relationships by using Constellations, you will be able to address any relationship topic in a very effective and powerful way. So that you will be able to achieve your goals quickly and easily.

Constellations can also be helpful when working on intact teams. Team dynamics can be dramatically improved by using Constellations. For example, imagine you are a team leader and you are going to have a coaching session about an uncomfortable situation in your team. It’s very impressive the level of change that we can bring into your working context by exploring the different points of view of each of your team members and finding out what is the best possible way of positioning your team members to create a more harmonic – i.e. effective – image of your team. And that will produce immediate and powerful impact into your daily work.

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