Systemic Constellations for Coaches

Constellation is a technical term used in the human sciences to identify a system as a set of elements in relationship to one another.

So, we can use the word Constellation to refer to: a working team, a relationship, an organization, the key elements of a project, the choices available for a decision, or the parts of our inner world.

Systemic Constellations provide Coaches with an extremely powerful tool – that can be used in both individual and team or group Coaching – in order to help clients achieve their objectives with exceptional results.

The Constellations methodology is easy to use in the Coaching context to recognize reality as it is – beyond the limits set by our habits and mental frameworks – and to take the steps necessary to achieve the desired goals. The most powerful effect is that they allow the client to make quick shifts in perspective, bringing clarity to the situation as well as a deep understanding of the actions that need to be taken. They can help to find a solution to an important issue – personal, relational, operational, or organizational – to evaluate the consequences of a decision, to clarify the steps toward a successful project, or to manage change within a company.

In short, Constellations are a method for guiding Clients – in individual, team, and group Coaching – through experiential exercises that increase their level of awareness of the current situation, their flexibility in terms of behaviour, and their ability to make better decisions.

The Systemic Constellations methodology uses spatial representation of the key elements of a client’s proposed topic for a given coaching session. Working with this representation increases awareness around the topic, provides a new range of choices and creates inner alignment, so that the client gains clarity about how to achieve his/her goals.

In order to create these representations in one-on-one coaching you can use: post-it notes on a table or paper placeholders on the floor. For team or group Coaching it’s also possible to use people who are physically present.

In addition, when working with groups, you can use some of the principles of Constellations to perform simpler experiential exercises, which we call Constellation Exercises (or informal Constellations according to other approaches). These activities are highly effective for developing self-awareness or for stimulating out-of-the-box thinking.

Using Systemic Constellations in the Coaching context can have a major impact on the performance of the individual, the team, the organization and the business. It especially helps to:

  • Explore a work situation or an interpersonal relationship, from a perspective that’s different from our usual one, so that we can more clearly see how things truly are and find new ways to move forward.
  • Implement lasting changes in attitudes and individual behaviour by recognizing, expanding and integrating personal resources.
  • Understand and transform the difficulties in a relationship or within a team to create an environment where everyone can work more effectively and productively.
  • Evaluate the effect that a major decision, a new strategy, or an innovative project will have on business in advance, reducing the risks and maximizing the benefits of investments made.
  • Locate the key element in order to quickly and successfully achieve change in a company or clarify the steps needed to complete a project.

The unique feature of Systemic Constellations is that they enable us to transform situations – personal, relational, and practical – by working on the system, without the need for the physical presence of other people who may be involved. The change happening in our inner world helps implement the change in the external world around us.

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