Systemic Constellations

Constellation is a technical term used in human science to identify a system as a set of elements in relationship to each other, so that we can use the word Constellation to refer to a team, a relationship, an organization or the key elements of a project.

Systems have a property that we can refer to as an “information field”. This applies to any kind of system and human systems are no different. Each human system, be it a family, a community, a business or a team, has an information field. This information field carries the pattern that describes how the system “really” operates.

All of us have a “gut sense” of how things really work in the systems we inhabit, despite what appears on the surface, or whatever formal organization chart or structure is in place. This gut sense is how we can tune in to the information field that is present in each system. We may feel, for example, even if we have never been told, that something is missing: we know if someone is not included in our system or if someone has been mistreated, etc...

Systemic Constellations allow us to tap into this information field and to see the whole system at once in its essential reality. So that the conflicts and issues immediately become clear. We can see a situation or a problem within its context and understand which elements – or relationships among elements - in the Constellation are functional and which ones have a disruptive influence.

Few other methods provide such a rapid, clear and complete description of how a system is actually working.

Then Systemic Constellations enable us to act on the information field to transform issues and obstacles. By changing how the elements operate and relate to each other, is then possible to bring order and harmony into the system. In this way we transform the system and move it from a problem space to a solution space.

Systemic Constellations provide a new, powerful set of tools for coaches working in one on one, team or group environments to support clients in achieving their goals with outstanding results.

In 14+ years of experience with this methodology in the corporate world, we have successfully used Systemic Constellations both in large global companies and in small to medium businesses.

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