SystemAlive was founded in 2002 by Francesco Pimpinelli and was one of the first companies to offer coaching in Italy. We are a team of coaches who are highly motivated in helping clients at every level and we have a well-established experience of work, matured in a wide range of business sectors.

Our coaches are characterised both by a high level of competence and successful professional experiences in important international companies. This means that our team has a powerful combination of solid and innovative methodologies, combined with the ability to understand high-level business dynamics, allowing us to help our clients achieve important and long-lasting results with ease.

Francesco Pimpinelli
Francesco Pimpinelli

Francesco is an executive coach who is an expert in helping leaders – both at individual and team level – to reach personal and organisational objectives and to obtain concrete and long-lasting results. In his approach to coaching he integrates a long experience in management and consulting on an international level with an intercultural perspective and considerable competence in the field of personal growth. As one client said, “Francesco has excellent know-how on business management and a vast experience in personal development. The combination of these qualities makes for an approach that is sensitive and well-balanced, which allowed me to make a qualitative leap”. Francesco is used to working both in Italian and in English. He is a Professional Certified Coach with International Coach Federation. He lives in Milan.

Luciana del Giudice
Luciana Del Giudice

Luciana is a coach with wide professional experience in corporate and executive coaching. Her background is the world of business communications, in all its aspects, from communication strategies to public relations, media and public speaking. She has acquired considerable experience in helping people in their personal development and helping companies to match messages with objectives and with their own ethos, so that their impact is effective and authoritative. An excellent communicator, she helps her clients to improve communication both in clarity of expression and in the ability to listen, and she always succeeds in creating good relations which make any kind of work a great pleasure. She is a Professional Certified Coach with International Coach Federation. She lives in Genova.

Daniela Dodero
Daniela Dodero

Daniela is an executive coach who is an expert in diversity management. She has consolidated experience in supporting top management teams in moments of discontinuity and business transformation and in facilitating the individual plans for growth that managers have to face at times of pressure. She assists organisations in planning and implementing programmes of change management, integration of managerial styles, leadership and transformation of relationships and expectations among individuals, companies and clients. She has designed an innovative model of personal development, the Sunrise Model®, which integrates emotions, competences and professional skills in order to reinvent oneself professionally and achieve one’s own ambitions. She lives in Milan.

Giulia Sirtori
Giulia Rosa Sirtori

Giulia is a business and personal coach specialized in supporting individuals, team and organizations to efficiently manage communications and change in international and intercultural contexts. She gained a twenty-year experience in managerial high-profile roles in marketing, sales and strategy within multinational organizations. She is therefore a helpful support for managers and executives on key issues such as leadership, effective communications, negotiation, team management, complexity and change management, work in matrix work environment, result orientation, work-life balance. She is used to work in Italian, English and French. She is Professional Certified Coach with International Coach Federation. She lives in Milan.

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